Saturday, May 30, 2009


I hereby declare this week on I.Feel.Fine. water week.

it all started with a publication you might know of; the surfer's journal.
the latest issue happens to contain one of the most inspiring feature stories i've read in a lonnnngggg time. The story takes place at our very own Ocean Beach, its about the infamous beach queen and her utterly unstoppable love of all things land and water. The story is told by one of our own as well, Jaimal Yogis, and documented in perfection by Tommy Bensko.

This article must be read. not very often do you get a good chuckle and also get your heart strings yanked on in one foul swoop. This is an especially good one for those of us who walk these shores everyday.

I can personally recall specific moments when the ocean and I were nothing more than the same body. that feeling is the one thing that has kept me tied to the earth. If ever there was a reason for filling up my pours with drugs, smoke, or any other form of gluttony, its because i was missing the one thing that is me: the salt. the water.

hence an entire week of creative energy devoted to the only thing i worship religiously: le ocean

check out Jaimal's work at
check out Tommy's photos and the article here

Thoughts On Creativity:

It seems as though my thoughtfully composed theories on the purpose of the niche i fill as a creative individual has been under siege as of late. Not necessarily a bad thing, just yet again I've been knocked off the horse. Its good though, humbling, its nice to hit the ground every once in a while. almost like a fresh start.

Anyway, the up side to being jolted at various points in your life is that the later and later it happens the longer and longer you have to cross paths with more and more brilliant people, who, even thought they may not intend to, help form new ideas about the roles we play in life.

for example, here are some very nicely put words from a fellow maker:
"...The point is, creative is a funny thing. Everything is related to everything. The creativity I make is based on my collective consciousness, the book I read in school, my relationship with my mom, the shitty VH1 show I watched yesterday, how many cups of coffee I had this morning, and whether or not I did a good job at convincing my client of one idea over the other. There are no new ideas."
-Thanks Sean Barrett

see his creativity put to work :

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i thought i was all alone

au contraire mon fraire.
Andrew Zuckerman. photographer, creator, fellow citizen of a world that needs to listen to it's elders.
I mentioned in a previous post that i feel we need to start documenting the mistakes of the past and learning from them with open minds and hearts. I feel that quite often people just nod in agreement, consider it for a moment, and let it slip into the inactive zone.
Andrew is unlike others. In addition to shooting the most breathtaking images you've ever laid eyes on of every creature under the sun, Andrew has made himself a vessel for the voices of veteran humans with a few things on their minds.

waitch "wisdom" at
you will have no regrets.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

woods the word
another line of furnishing perfection from my friends at hudson. (pfhhhfff i wish i had friends at hudson)

the little things

Friday, May 15, 2009


With watchful eyes I wait


with no hard facts on the artist (Seamus Conley), his mission, or his message, I found so much appreciation for these works.

I saw them up close when I wandered into the Andrea Schwartz gallery near south park. The ability to render reality but convey it in a dreamlike manner, in my opinion is the perfect fusion of all things artistic, graphic, and photographic.

technique and vision have met, they had a baby, and his name is SEAMUS.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

how people surf in idaho

love it

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I remember stumbling across a motion short while i was in design school back in 2007 that blew my mind. for some reason I've been thinking about it alot lately.

So i started the search and found its origin. it came from people who sound a lot like what i do on my spare time: design for no money hoping that somebody will find some relevance in it and simply enjoy.

sad to say it looks like these guys threw in the towel and left their legacy still floating around in cyber space.

Nonetheless, the content is grade-A the web design is elegant, and the concepts are entertaining to say the least.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


These images could not hit closer to home, its actually safe to say that they encompass everything Ive ever known to be home. That's why it was necessary for me to purchase the hardcover composite of all these images and then some. for only 35 bones!

“Surf exploration has become so focused on the far-flung and unpronounceably exotic, it’s reinvigorating to see some California natives rediscover their own backyard. Few coastal stretches offer the sheer variety of waves, colors, urban densities, and attitudes as the Golden State, and to see it all through the prism of Burkard and Soderquist made me want to put in my two-weeks notice, buy a VW bus, and hit the road. The California Surf Project will stand as a unique time capsule of California’s post-modern surf culture.”

– Joel Patterson, Editor in Chief, Surfer Magazine

eden & eden

A few weeks ago I was on a mission with close friends to find those parrots that flock about the trees of telegraph hill. we hurried around north beach to grab a bite, then suddenly my eyes fell upon a haven for all things beautifully designed. I rushed inside to have a closer look, It was just as I had suspected from outside on the street : a space impeccably furnished, styled and arranged with just the right amount of sophistication and quark. for a brief moment I contemplated staying there forever.

In a few moments I was then greeted by a good looking brit, also possessing a nice balance between disheveled and put together. He explained to me that he had set up the shop with his sister, I then asked him if I could move in too. okay no I didn't, but I should have.

I grabbed a card, we rushed off to find the parrots.

Yesterday evening I checked out the site and realized then why the shop, the boy, the splendid goodies, had such a familiar air to was because my good friend and fellow creative crusader Jen Siska had photographed the store quite sometime ago and her images had been floating around in my subconscious ever since.

case closed....I’ll take the giant zipper necklace please.

check out eden & eden 560 Jackson st, SF CA, 94133, 415.983.0490
where else can you find a leather clutch and a dino necklace?

also check out jen siska's photos
-have a look at my personal fave, the honeywall shots.

oh hell yes

when all else false, and friends are few and far between, jimi is always there