Wednesday, May 26, 2010


who can live without a pillow shaped like California, an eyeball doorknob and a necklace resembling some kind of reptilian backbone?

Aesa symphony necklace
(the reptilian bakbone)
Kelly Wearstler Katana in Ivory and Ebony pillow
Wool & Felt California
Copper Tube Fringe Necklace
Geometric Fringe Necklace
Human Eye Drawer Pull

Friday, May 21, 2010


Yes, its ones of those days when I feel like thrown down some straight up awesome tunes and given a little bit-o-blog-loven. hope you all loves these tracks as much as I do.
-your friendly neighborhood dj nearside.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010




"Layers of time appear through the visible essence of amber. Extracting inspiration from this ancient material, Jaeuk Jung has created a solution to reflect on the final moments of decaying objects. Michael Thonet’s design classic “chair No. 14” is forever sealed with the help of high technology into the amber-like chambers of polymer. An object from the past can live even longer, sharing classic beauty as contemporary design. Amber Chair is an indication about the present and future, through telling a story of respect and creating a new cycle for objects."

This piece was part of Milan Design Week 2010 "THE SAVAGE MIND / LA PENS√ČE SAUVAGE" (which by the way is almost as savage as the coast).

Dear Jaeuk Jung, amber is the color of your energy.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"I lioke it"

Yeah, ive gone a little nutz over these guys. been doing research on south africa, planing a trip to cape town, painting portraits of yolandi, trying to get ahold of their PR guy so i can shoot them during thier stay in LA LA land. yes, its true, die antwoord is di stuff. di stuff that makes brilliant stuff look stupid.
everybody check em out. give them a chance, after all "if you love it, we love you too, if you dont like it, your just not on my level". true

(mom this link is not for your eyes)


Thursday, May 13, 2010


seriously, LOVE.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

parts and pieces

who is that knocking at my door?
just the wind and nothing more
Scintillating auras shine and glisten
i can smell it, i can feel it, here just listen.

Its all around me, in the air and in the trees
Its in my lungs. I love it every time i breathe
In my blood and in my vision
So with a steady hand, i start my incision

Cutting quickly to the essence of it all
pressing my sharpened tool with skill and intuit
calmly now accepting it all
am i allowed to cry? if i stumble, can i fall?

What is holy and whats holistic?
bread of my body wine of my mind
enter me and cleanse, disperse the intrinsic
i think i will find
primordial confidence and fallow and enjoy

Opaque white preludes the night, but without fright
no fear here, nothing here
look where i touch, with two fingers clutched
my hand on my pulse

aiming my bow
and ready to go
headlong with out doubt
with pure sight
and indiscriminate might

see this is SUNSET
this is the great setting sun of the west
and this is my heart
on the beach
just out of reach
of the rays that fall
two inches short or tall

i breathe and im lost now
so lost somehow

all the pieces are interlocking
the world is revolving
and parts and pieces are sliding and clicking
with seamless purpose and sublime grace
they make way by some plan
by some intent
long before im conscious of their agenda

i think of a key, the last piece to the puzzle
the light ive possessed, despite hardship or struggle
this the key to the revolving world
to this rotating scene
and here i sit in the center
complete and serene

-joshua and jessica carter

Sunday, May 2, 2010

fine lines


F to the P