Sunday, December 12, 2010

Looking forward to Spring

for this reason alone (oh right, and who else is over all if this indoor time?). goreously fresh looks from sustainable fashion label Bodkin hailing from NYC. The top 2 images are pulled from Bodkin's geniusly curated blog.
Check out an article by Nowness for a few tunes for your magic hour and other info on the lines musical musings.

bodkin's thoughts on sustainability and fashion below. enjoy lovelies.

"Sustainability and fashion are often thought to be at odds with one another. Yet clothing is one thing that every human has in common. It's a massive global industry that provides many U.S. jobs, yet its infrastructure and materials systems have much room for improvement. At Bodkin, we begin each collection by sourcing materials as mindfully as possible. This can mean certified organic fibers—virtually all of our cotton is organic. We employ innovative new fibers such as Tencel (a closed-loop textile from renewable eucalyptus pulp) and post-consumer recycled fibers. However, some materials, such as wool and cashmere, are difficult to find with organic certification, but are inherently more sustainable than agriculturally grown, water-intensive fibers. Other material suppliers focus on fair and owner-operated labor throughout the supply chain, and to Bodkin this qualifies as a better way of doing things. A mill may work with polyester but have instituted systems to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint. Dyeing is a lesser-known area in which the fashion industry is responsible for environmental degradation; we actively seek out and promote materials that use vegetable-based or zero-effluent dye processes. Each textile Bodkin uses is in some way produced more thoughtfully than today's norm."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


could look at these all day long
curtesy of easlinn