Thursday, July 18, 2013

Flourescents - Still going Strong in the Art world

I thought at one point that I'd never want to see another neon anything again. Just goes to show you its all about the application. My preference is towards the barely-there neons, or the neon + neutral woodgrain.

and thank god for google images! i dont have to tell anyone where any of these came from and its ok!
visual simplicity once again.

Plant life : Heidi Norton

Plant Life is like Thug Life. Minus the drugs sex and money. and glocks. 
but my philodendron "Philly" is the ultimate G. and Heidi Norton, case yal didn't know is a serious VIP. 
She is the Lebron James of plant based artistry. 
aside from its visually flooring effects, her work is a complex expression of preservation, reaction, time, impermanence, change and all those sticky issues that are hard to talk about. All things I, myself, am obsessed with. 
Shes having a show in San Francisco in November. I will indeed be there buying stuff.