Sunday, August 16, 2009

i need a little soul

We are living in confusing times. We have no definitive enemy, no clear nemesis to focus our energies. It is no longer 1939. We are surrounded by uncertainty, whether it be economic implosion, corporate dictation on how we live, lack of trust in our governing leaders or sheer apathy in the face of ever escalating global issues. It's difficult to keep track, to find home or to begin again from an explicit starting point – we're constantly in a state of catch-up. It's not too hard to feel overwhelmed.

Where I find hope, juice if you like, is that even during these times, there are those who are willing and committed, compelled perhaps, despite situation or social background, to drop the mask and share candidly what they think, feel and have had to overcome – dedicated to honoring their truth, sharing their wisdom and in doing so, creating a bond that is
beyond the frenetic minefield that is modern life. In revealing themselves, they collectively invite us all to do likewise. To pause, to centre ourselves and to ask ourselves those questions that define our very essence, our individual souls. -John Pearson
se questions that define our very essence, our individual souls. John Pearson 22nd February 2008.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

commandment #7 (ish): honor thy mother and father

whatever you say mommy dearest. 

still entranced by all that is obedient sons & daughters. 

Saturday, August 1, 2009

fish are friends. not food.

ok, well i did just have trout salad for dinner. but at least this way they can be friends and food! get yourself a freshwater fish aquarium.