Friday, November 26, 2010

whimsy gets hard

the mastery that is dominic jones, matt irwin, and katie shillingford

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ampersand As Apostrophe goes Aztec

My newest favorite collaborator Jessica Park just launched her gorgeous new Aztec Parcel. I am one of many waiting in line to nab mine and wear it everywhere including to bed.
check out some more images (via my own self :) at ampersand as apostrophe

A native of Detroit, now a Seattle-based designer, 27 year old Jessica Park made her first bag last January out of sheer captivation by an “as-chance-would-have-it” material possessing quality appeal, history, and the look of something conventional dying to be transformed in a truly unconventional way (Park’s longstanding mantra). Just three months later Ampersand As Apostrophe, a high-end line of bags that double as clutches (and triple as anything else you may feel like) made from 100-year-old mail carrying duffels, was launched. Now A dash three, as the brand is also known, boasts an impressive gathering of fans and supporters.

As Business major turned Interiors major turned multi-faceted artist, It was instinctual for Park to employ a feeling of paradoxical form and function. Although the wow factor of these bags comes from their multiplicity and easiness, It can also be widely attributed to the duality of Park’s aesthetic alone. Part rustic, part design-conscious glossy chic takes you to both ends of the spectrum and back again. Coupled with her uber-aproachable nature and timely sense of humor, her space-casey savantiness is most definitely the last piece in the A3 puzzle. An upside-down view of the world makes for some interesting discoveries indeed. While shooting look book images for The Aztec Parcel, it seemed like good sense to Park to let her audience know what kind of designer was behind her newest brainchild, so she unflinchingly held a hand written sign that said "The only time I tried to give blood, I woke up surrounded by juice and cookies with a sticker that said I TRYED".

Ampersand As Apostrophe bares the mark of highly unique almost self-referential, extension of Park’s take on fashion & design. Having recalled an innate fascination with “identity’s multiple expressions” Her exploration of reinvention is the driving force behind her creations. Ampersand As Apostrophe is the embodiment of all things involving discovery, innovation and relevance. (plus a few fun facts involving cookies).