Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Art School Permeating

inflatable art lessons harkening back to memphisy color field days are challenging the dimensional confines of "reality" and breaking the rules they once obeyed. This idea's peeking around corners from here to london, from runways to makeshift galleries.
I agree, why not take a break from the rules. they kind of suck.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Flourescents - Still going Strong in the Art world

I thought at one point that I'd never want to see another neon anything again. Just goes to show you its all about the application. My preference is towards the barely-there neons, or the neon + neutral woodgrain.

and thank god for google images! i dont have to tell anyone where any of these came from and its ok!
visual simplicity once again.

Plant life : Heidi Norton

Plant Life is like Thug Life. Minus the drugs sex and money. and glocks. 
but my philodendron "Philly" is the ultimate G. and Heidi Norton, case yal didn't know is a serious VIP. 
She is the Lebron James of plant based artistry. 
aside from its visually flooring effects, her work is a complex expression of preservation, reaction, time, impermanence, change and all those sticky issues that are hard to talk about. All things I, myself, am obsessed with. 
Shes having a show in San Francisco in November. I will indeed be there buying stuff. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


one mutation station playlist for your listening pleasure.
its good. so get weird.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

the augmentation station

First and Foremost, I'm tired of this blog format and I'm going to change it this weekend, but for now you may or may not have to deal with this composite image being cropped weird. so just click on it and view at original size.

Having a powerful itch for some hyperactive reality augmentation. this could be due to the fact that the sun is shinning is seattle (no way! yes way. ok..it was yesterday) or maybe just because I'm a grown up now and ring pops of for the most part unacceptable. Put these fragments of a treasures laying around my head and desktop  forcibly collided this morning and together as a synthesized desire have caused me to experience a phenomena i like to call "ants-in-my-pants" accompanied by rapid heart rate and inability to focus.

lets talk about them:

1. opps, this one this is one of those unrecoverable source images, but it reminds me of Tron and Drive, and the neons signs I used to fawn over as an adolescent
2. Nanoscopic photo sculpture inspired by macro, micro textile effects. um yes.
3. Chemistry, Julia Burdge 2nd Edition, this is why science is the best
4. Also not positive of where this image hails but I've seen many a firey-melty windowscape of glory in  downtown Seattle
5. Frankie Rose - "Know Me" video Loving the Cure-ish throw-back sound of this little lady, obviously the blade runner, minority report vibe of the video is feeling timely
6. Another one of those mind blowing tiny plastic fantastic micro mountains from above
7. Reactable! found this a while ago but is still the coolest thing I've seen since. my favorite reactable quote "We knew what wanted, and then we discovered how to build it". those Germans!
8. finally my most recent find. I love finding treasures within my 6 degrees of separation. this one is actually with in 2. check out Frank Correa fantasticly trippy photos, a few featuring a special little lady names Claire. You can vote for this guy to win some bones for is photography here 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Clash of Ages

Feeling inundated with visual stimuli. feeling respectful of the axiomaticness of time.

and also, wouldn't mind listening to The Clash .

at least one of these images is from here. hows that for a digiography (thats like a digital bibliography)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fair Praxis

I'm finding the subject of food especially captivating lately. I'm generally smitten with things that are exceptionally macro but are shrouded in a guise simplicity (a.k.a good design). Food is like, basically the big kahuna when it comes to this type thing.

I've made some connections, here they go :
The way that people create, produce, consume and prepare food should also be considered as a type of performance based narrative that sheds light on our definitions of self and community and the significance of those things in relationship to our environment.  Theres no doubt in my mind that as epiphanies regarding the effects of massification start to really sink in, this here America is attempting to re-weave the threads of ritual, spirituality, methodology, and notions of tradition, like we've suddenly awoken from a subsuming fog and are realizing that the house is on fire. There's no use scrambling for the water bucket, you just have to rebuild.

Before I start ranting about the poorly constructed systems and the stuff that keeps fueling them,  I'll plug the photos above as I initially intended.

Our style of cooking and the way we experience food is very telling. When I scroll through the digital docu-journal of A.R.H. I can't help but want to physically witness and experience for myself the nourishment of her praxim. As "inspiration" becomes synonymous to something you want to replicate, appropriate, or reproduce, I'm finding that I can tell the difference between true inspiration and the latter. This stuff is the real deal. respect.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Arts & Science

According to trend agencies far and near, the second enlightenment is upon us. I am glad to hear this, as I've pondered the notion of finding the intersection where art and science meet and it's there I suspect I'll live out my days and die happily in some beautiful paradox.
A chance click had me upon this treasure of Japanese origin, not surprisingly clean, well lit, beautifully simple goods of quality photographed and present just the way a like. with expression.

My favorite part about Art & Science is Google's translation of this line of text reffering to it's founder : "Sonya Park, only "mono" Really good".  Ah men. couldn't have said it better myself.
love. and love some more

Monday, December 17, 2012

Frou Frouu, part 2

cuz i cant get enough. more gorgeous imagery

FrouFrouu Fo-eva

The one thing about over-accessaibilty is that even though it may take longer and longer to sift through the garbage, the treasures stand out even more prominently. I think most of us can recognize content with heart and sole, talent, a point of view. 
Nadia, is one of my most favorite. breathtaking depictions of real-time curation never seem to be forced or stale when they're coming from her. Go girl. 
Frou Frouu it up. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I'm exhibiting all the usual signs of nature deprivation. Blocking pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk in order to stare at a leaf, considering dropping a ton of cash on elaborate window terrariums, feeling claustrophobic, feeling pleased by the emergence of grease in my hair, google mapping routes to the nearest body of water.

its time for some good old fashion hunter-gatherer field research. All data will be compiled and hopefully be consistent with previous findings that support my very complicated and ground-breaking theory that humans are actually just wild animals. I call it the Cartonian Theory, its a working title.
rawwrr. hisss!

from the top
1. Damian Russell
2. Erwan Frotin
3. Uknown
4. Kevin Tadge