Sunday, December 12, 2010

Looking forward to Spring

for this reason alone (oh right, and who else is over all if this indoor time?). goreously fresh looks from sustainable fashion label Bodkin hailing from NYC. The top 2 images are pulled from Bodkin's geniusly curated blog.
Check out an article by Nowness for a few tunes for your magic hour and other info on the lines musical musings.

bodkin's thoughts on sustainability and fashion below. enjoy lovelies.

"Sustainability and fashion are often thought to be at odds with one another. Yet clothing is one thing that every human has in common. It's a massive global industry that provides many U.S. jobs, yet its infrastructure and materials systems have much room for improvement. At Bodkin, we begin each collection by sourcing materials as mindfully as possible. This can mean certified organic fibers—virtually all of our cotton is organic. We employ innovative new fibers such as Tencel (a closed-loop textile from renewable eucalyptus pulp) and post-consumer recycled fibers. However, some materials, such as wool and cashmere, are difficult to find with organic certification, but are inherently more sustainable than agriculturally grown, water-intensive fibers. Other material suppliers focus on fair and owner-operated labor throughout the supply chain, and to Bodkin this qualifies as a better way of doing things. A mill may work with polyester but have instituted systems to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint. Dyeing is a lesser-known area in which the fashion industry is responsible for environmental degradation; we actively seek out and promote materials that use vegetable-based or zero-effluent dye processes. Each textile Bodkin uses is in some way produced more thoughtfully than today's norm."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


could look at these all day long
curtesy of easlinn

Friday, November 26, 2010

whimsy gets hard

the mastery that is dominic jones, matt irwin, and katie shillingford

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ampersand As Apostrophe goes Aztec

My newest favorite collaborator Jessica Park just launched her gorgeous new Aztec Parcel. I am one of many waiting in line to nab mine and wear it everywhere including to bed.
check out some more images (via my own self :) at ampersand as apostrophe

A native of Detroit, now a Seattle-based designer, 27 year old Jessica Park made her first bag last January out of sheer captivation by an “as-chance-would-have-it” material possessing quality appeal, history, and the look of something conventional dying to be transformed in a truly unconventional way (Park’s longstanding mantra). Just three months later Ampersand As Apostrophe, a high-end line of bags that double as clutches (and triple as anything else you may feel like) made from 100-year-old mail carrying duffels, was launched. Now A dash three, as the brand is also known, boasts an impressive gathering of fans and supporters.

As Business major turned Interiors major turned multi-faceted artist, It was instinctual for Park to employ a feeling of paradoxical form and function. Although the wow factor of these bags comes from their multiplicity and easiness, It can also be widely attributed to the duality of Park’s aesthetic alone. Part rustic, part design-conscious glossy chic takes you to both ends of the spectrum and back again. Coupled with her uber-aproachable nature and timely sense of humor, her space-casey savantiness is most definitely the last piece in the A3 puzzle. An upside-down view of the world makes for some interesting discoveries indeed. While shooting look book images for The Aztec Parcel, it seemed like good sense to Park to let her audience know what kind of designer was behind her newest brainchild, so she unflinchingly held a hand written sign that said "The only time I tried to give blood, I woke up surrounded by juice and cookies with a sticker that said I TRYED".

Ampersand As Apostrophe bares the mark of highly unique almost self-referential, extension of Park’s take on fashion & design. Having recalled an innate fascination with “identity’s multiple expressions” Her exploration of reinvention is the driving force behind her creations. Ampersand As Apostrophe is the embodiment of all things involving discovery, innovation and relevance. (plus a few fun facts involving cookies).

Saturday, October 30, 2010


still feeling really special. i thought these particular works demonstrated a similar frequency just incase you weren't sure what i meant by "special"

Friday, October 29, 2010


on the rare occasion that my earth-toned, minimal, less-is-more self becomes one with the world of gaudy I like to roll with it. There may be a number of things influencing this sudden fancy for all things loud and proud. the least mysterious of them may be that halloween is 2 days away and its crunch time for costume construction. On a similar note i seem to be sending out lego-like signals into the universe having spent so much time on my little brother's lego pharos get up (check out band of outsiders lego inspired blog PLAYWELL). Could be that I've taken such a liking to a certain fierce, attention getting, just-launched Aztec Parcel that I've been up close and personal with over the past week (will include a special explanation post in the near future).
Mostly I think all of this eclecticly colourful jazz was topped off by West and Beecroft's brainchild - Runaway. not so subtle symbolism and ego aside, its really terribly hard to deny the mesmerizing, awe inspiring wow factor that comes after watching the 35 minuet feature piece. The hyper-realistic visual style of the film plus its randomly dreamy almost "what the F" imagery and dialog makes for a damn good conversation starter. Musically brilliant, and worlds above what most mainstream celebrity "artists" are daring to do these days. I still have my qualms with a few particular scenes, but with that said i'll go to sleep tonight asking the elephant in my head to please not forget those breathtaking moments when Kanye's ballerina's danced their skinny little hearts out to the "Douchebag" song. epic.
ballerina shoes, blood, rose petal pink, venetian, feathers, tulle (um hello halloween costume)

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You can't throw a stone...

...without hitting something lustrous, full of planes, angles and points. an age old obsession with shiny, gemmy, crystaly stones & metals is back in a big way. As i always say "don't hate, participate" and I'm not about to fall off this glam wagon.

Like an onion, its time to layer


all about it : hedi's latest stroke of brilliance : a short film

"The latest project from iconic designer & photographer Hedi Slimane takes us to the idyllic California coastline through the spirit of two young waifs, in the new film ”I LOVE USA”, featured on The short black & white piece is Slimane’s idealistic vision of the United States. The premise is simple: Sidney and Wolf are two teenagers who meet for the first time in Venice beach. The pair were scouted by Slimane at the Coachella rock festival in 2009 and 2010 respectively, and met for the first time on set.

The title comes from the nickname Slimane gave to Sidney “USA”, who has appeared in many of his diary’s photographs, after he decided that she was the iconic embodiment of the California girl and the aesthetic representation of all-American beauty.

Sidney improvises a chaotic cheerleader (far from the sweet imagery of cheerleading in American culture) and Wolf is an indie teen transposed in an new representation of “Peter and the Wolf‟. He accompanies Sidney on his out of tune cello, wearing a wolf mask. Behind the pair, Slimane’s signature American flag is visible, a recurring metaphor in many of his works.

This exclusive video is an improvisational exercise that highlights the naŃ—vety & innocence of Sidney and Wolf, featuring themes that have made the designer famous throughout the world. The representation of a generation, the diaphanous beauty of Sidney and the very slim silhouette of Wolf project an intimate emotional atmosphere."

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Just so black and white

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Monday, October 18, 2010

umm RAD

horizons from lukasz on Vimeo.

Monday, September 13, 2010


you better believe it.