Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fair Praxis

I'm finding the subject of food especially captivating lately. I'm generally smitten with things that are exceptionally macro but are shrouded in a guise simplicity (a.k.a good design). Food is like, basically the big kahuna when it comes to this type thing.

I've made some connections, here they go :
The way that people create, produce, consume and prepare food should also be considered as a type of performance based narrative that sheds light on our definitions of self and community and the significance of those things in relationship to our environment.  Theres no doubt in my mind that as epiphanies regarding the effects of massification start to really sink in, this here America is attempting to re-weave the threads of ritual, spirituality, methodology, and notions of tradition, like we've suddenly awoken from a subsuming fog and are realizing that the house is on fire. There's no use scrambling for the water bucket, you just have to rebuild.

Before I start ranting about the poorly constructed systems and the stuff that keeps fueling them,  I'll plug the photos above as I initially intended.

Our style of cooking and the way we experience food is very telling. When I scroll through the digital docu-journal of A.R.H. I can't help but want to physically witness and experience for myself the nourishment of her praxim. As "inspiration" becomes synonymous to something you want to replicate, appropriate, or reproduce, I'm finding that I can tell the difference between true inspiration and the latter. This stuff is the real deal. respect.

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