Sunday, January 9, 2011




for the full effect, heres talkdemonic for your listening pleasure


clickn my heels so i can be here.
kickn my own ass because due to lack of organization i cannot source amazing work like this photo.

new yerz rez #4 million and 23 : be better

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Post-Holiday Haze

after a whirlwind of a holiday season, the dust appears to possibly-potentially, some-time in the near future, to be settling just for a bit. hopefully. Anyway, amidst the merriment and magic I was turned onto a few things worth mentioning to my friends here in the blogosphere.

Numero uno, art gallery and specialty shop Nationale in Portland. I had the chance to spend a little quality time there while helping my friend Park install a mini set-up for her bags in May May's wonderland (may may being the founding mastermind). My only regret was that i was so enthralled with the Nationale regulars and neighboring visionaries that i wasn't able to comb through May's collection of art, music, literature, jewelry, fragrances, and nic-nacs with the attention to detail that they deserved. This will not be the case for long, as i am planing a trip back to portland as we speak. (or i guess as i type). Visit Nationale.... in person or on the interweb. it will not disappoint.

My other winter-month staple has been the Bodkin blog. The content, quality, and starpower of this resource is off the charts. having spent much time dreaming of sustainable living/ eating/ working in a collaborative space geared toward creation and innovation, I've been seeking out other working creative professionals who can yield some insight. Eviana Heartman, sustainable designer and found of Bodkin, has been my beacon of hope. check out here posts. here.

cheers. to the stripes.