Monday, December 17, 2012

Frou Frouu, part 2

cuz i cant get enough. more gorgeous imagery

FrouFrouu Fo-eva

The one thing about over-accessaibilty is that even though it may take longer and longer to sift through the garbage, the treasures stand out even more prominently. I think most of us can recognize content with heart and sole, talent, a point of view. 
Nadia, is one of my most favorite. breathtaking depictions of real-time curation never seem to be forced or stale when they're coming from her. Go girl. 
Frou Frouu it up. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I'm exhibiting all the usual signs of nature deprivation. Blocking pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk in order to stare at a leaf, considering dropping a ton of cash on elaborate window terrariums, feeling claustrophobic, feeling pleased by the emergence of grease in my hair, google mapping routes to the nearest body of water.

its time for some good old fashion hunter-gatherer field research. All data will be compiled and hopefully be consistent with previous findings that support my very complicated and ground-breaking theory that humans are actually just wild animals. I call it the Cartonian Theory, its a working title.
rawwrr. hisss!

from the top
1. Damian Russell
2. Erwan Frotin
3. Uknown
4. Kevin Tadge

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


With so much in my fuzzy fumbling head its a wonder that i can retain knowledge further than what i ate for breakfast, but, every once in a while I make a connection or two and some unified idea musters enough appeal to stake claim on some seriously sought after mental real estate. The idea of the moment favors geometry & biology with a mid-tone of history and societal stigmas and finishing notes touching on the uneasiness akin to being aware of mortal materialism.

Ok that sounds broad but I'm sure blanks will be filled in after watching this video. ITS IMPERATIVE : Divine Proportions

and Reading this Book : Survival of the Prettiest

Or if your lazy and / or have a short attention span and / or are unbelievably busy and popular than you can read this article about the book mentioned above. said NYTimes article seems surprisingly relevant even having been written in 1999 : The Beautiful People

Perhaps this concern for the Hungergame-esque elitism centered around human beauty and the accessibility of manipulating it is why this subject has surfaced again in my brain. Maybe it never left. Maybe its the realization that as a race / society we have not evolved. Binding heads, Stretching necks, piercing and dyeing are age old methods to appear a way which is considered more attractive to a potential mate, to your self, heck, to your mother. Maybe I'm getting older and i'm tactically acquiring information in the hopes of combating emotions.
Who knows. Similarly it may be in response to a pre-quarter-life crisis in which I color my hair an unnaturally vibrant shade of crimson. oh yeah. it happened.
but geez, shapes sure are pretty.

From the Top
1. Peter Carrington 
2. Reinhard Voss
3. Tour de la Battiaz
4. Divine Proportions
5. Unfortunately this is one of those ubiquitous images thats has been tumblr used and abused so badly that its origin is unknown. 

Friday, July 20, 2012


If your ever board and feel the world has no mystery left, ponder for a moment female sexuality. Its the moment of invisible transformation when things move from objectivity into genuine affection and affectedness and with such ease that sexual experience bounces between the two that keeps my brain hungry. The unmistakable pull of this inexplicable occupation of human existance. It can be sophisticated, it can be unbearable primeval and basic. It is a wonder indeed. It can be the source of turmoil, unrest, pain and also intense pleasure and joy

1. unknown print
2. Marina Abramovic still form Rythm 0
3. small vases from Otchipotchi
4. another unknown image
5. photo series by Irena Werning - Back to the Future

Monday, July 16, 2012

Here's to Clarity

Those completely perfect and painfully fleeting moments we live for.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

West Coast Love AGAIN

It seems very clear that since the advent of blogging, the accessibility of masterful image capturing machines and the software to harness the stuff they produce, a new subset of admirable individuals have risen. Its not just the artisans, craftsmen, designers and artists that you have to envy. Its also a new breed of people who document what those people do and share it with the world. Giving exposure to the seldom celebrated underpinnings of greatness is a worthy profession in my book.

Check this post by Colectivo Futuro about Tribute SF and SF Made.
Also check out SF Made member San Franpsycho where you'll find a few prints I designed and keep your eyes peeled for some more in the coming months.

Good stuff

Thursday, June 28, 2012

West Coast Love

I'm beginning to seriously reconsider the name and over-all existence of this blog.
If it wasn't for a few precious morsels I just discovered I may have considered it moot for too long.

I guess as with every large trend or shift in social culture (BLOGGING), there comes a point when a thing looses its specialness. When its plundered and over saturated and suddenly there is nary a thing that excites you in an overly familiar realm.

The things that do still seem worth a few characters are the things that have been important to me since befor I knew how to use a credit card or who alexander wang was.

After you watch this trailer go visit and then visit and find a screening.

Friday, March 2, 2012


ex Hugo Bosser, Bruno Pieters has launched the first honest fashion label. Honest by.
As are most humans alive today I am reluctant to trust the word honest.

it's not hard to top the fashion industries honesty in regards to a sustainable future for all mankind, but the fact that someone with money is making a whole-heart attempt is hopeful.
This is the first big name backed label that boasts total transparency, respect for animals and the environment.

I really dig the aesthetic of this particular collection, jil sander navy meets wool and the gang meets cos meets weekday.

its nice and i would wear it.

one to watch for shiz

Monday, February 20, 2012

living in obscurity

it happens to the best of us

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Written in Ink

this dude uses a lot of ink.

"Forest is the Brooklyn, New York based studio of Joel Speasmaker and pursues graphic design in the form of art direction, editions & publishing, branding, illustration, web design & development, various curatorial projects, and other stuff."

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Celine Effect

celine has been setting the bar for sometime now. The foulard / paisley comeback + pajama dressing stems from a few memorable celine pieces that we all know and love.

weather its the full monte floral suity get up or just the black grounded floral moto jacket, these are some serious editorial favorites. I generally get extremely irritated when bogged down with spread after spread of the same stuff (we all remember the pages and pages of LV s&m kink of doily peter pan colors over molded sweater and leather waist-sinching belts, the oddles and oodles of givenchy pit bull and cougar printed jackets and know; angry pastey model stands in junk yard amidst tv's she has just torched, flames to go with her unnaturally orange dye job. you know the one).

BUT, I think when magazines decide to dismiss the idea of attempting originality and stick to shooting the big items of the season its a really good chance to weed out the bad stylists from the good. In this post i've selected a bit of both just so we can get a feel for the contrast.

can you guess which ones i hate?