Saturday, March 19, 2011


its bitter sweet when the time comes where one is forced to choose between creating inspiration and admiring it. this day has come for me, the result of which is sparse posting and a deep seeded hatred of the 5 photo limit.
But this is what i say to you readers, imaginary and real alike ; its not quantity its quality.
i here by vow from this point forward to post some shit that will get your gears spinning like a line of coke on a record (a record on a turn table. spinning.)

this post of course is just a teaser. a baby glimpse of whats to come.

and whats to come is neon! big-time. blowing up once again, bigger than that time with the shutter shades. (so glad those are officially lame...could have told you that befor you blew 10 bucks).

from the top:
+ sahar: a candid shot of our model on set of the ampersand as apostrophe SS11 lookbook shoot

+ awesome light piece housed in charlie shuck's capitol hill photo studio. (charlie is a seattle based photo-graph-er who's shit(work) is basically the shit and also is a pretty nice dude)

+ the work of bert rodriguez miami artist turned movie star. this dude is down with neon

+screen shot of bodkin home page. don't know who makes the shoes but i soon will for they must be mine.

+ some amazing lay-out that has nothing to do with neon...but i can tell if that polygonish shape was not 18.7% cyan 14.8% magenta and 10.48% yellow it would most definitely be hot orange!

so go on. get a knee-on.