Friday, March 27, 2009

tonight im feeling inspired so i will try to explain.
try to fallow
the more time i spend being alive the more im starting to realize how to obtain peace, how to be liberated. peace and liberation for the most part are a state of mind that is measured by the conditions of an environment. good conditions do not come with out initiation. its starts when you start. its starts when you start wanting it.
be good to your self
hold on
want something. want anything
be prepared to be considered foolish and lofty by others
dont ever stop fucking loving.
and try to accept chaos when its beyond your control

we are living in precarious times, but its obvious that people so desperately want things to change. we need to start documenting our mistakes and learning from them and forgiving.
just fuckn try. recycle. wear a little sunscreen every now and them, smile at people you dont know, dont desensitize your self even though it may seem like the most feasible solution. just keep feeling. even pain is better to feel than nothing at all.

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