Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So Nice I'll Say It Twice: Nice.

Finally the joyous union of the 2 atheistics closest to my heart have spawned pure magic. G.I.-joe utility meets vagabond-rogue-woodsman plus a bit of free spirited hippie love embodied in some shroomy acidesque lightshow. im salivating. I wasnt alive in 69 but something tells me i have the opportunity to relive it with some modern frill.

"Nice Collective's Joe Haller and Ian Hannula brought friends, artists, stylists and models on a camping trip (aka the Gathering) in Northern California "to organically capture imagery of the season's clothing and product through real experience rather than art direction." Among the members of the experimental venture, digital artist Andrew Jones' and photographer Spencer Hansen's combined talents led to the incredible footage that Joe edited into a short video."

f-ing rad.

check it

Nice collective

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