Monday, June 14, 2010


..between being a purist art mogul, and a creative entrepreneur with needs for resources to do your deeds. I for one fall off of this line on frequent occasions. Maybe life would be easier if i had a bad ass french creative agency helping me hustle gangasta style yo.

on that note : Ode To Mr. L'Agent and its Insane roster of dreamn teamn money makers.

-Monsieur L’Agent is a creative agency, which brings together some of the most talented art directors, illustrators and graphic designers out there. Born from the friendship between two people, Alexis Le-Tan and Romauld Stivine and their shared love of visual arts, its aim is to offer appetizing visual solutions to satisfy any clients needs.

Unlike other French creative agencies, from the outset Monsieur L'Agent's ambition was to go out and discover talent where it’s to be found, that is to say in Europe or even further a field. The agency already has artists from the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, the United-States and of course France.

"Our way of working isn’t simply about offering a service to the clients with whom we work, but to go beyond their initial needs by bringing ideas, an aesthetic and our own touch, offering made-to-measure consulting and creative services to each of them. What you see is what you get, we hope you’ll enjoy it and be back for more."

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