Saturday, April 16, 2011

Who doesn't want a 6 pack?

literal 6 pack of beers = yes
figurative 6 pack of abs = no
literal 6 pack of france = yes!

Once upon a time long long ago, i stumbled onto a webpage called Six Pack France. i was intrigued by the name, imagery, hints of infrastructure, but alas, disappointment and frustration shown upon my furrowed brow when i discovered this site was not yet fully functioning. boo.

BUT! just yesterday I was browsing a blog i frequent ; The World's Best Ever for my Sound Advice fix, and...behold...a sound advice playlist created by SIX PACK FRANCE! i listen i love, i travel to their place in space of the interweb and...behold again! oodles and oodles of witty, humorous, unsurpassable content! clothing, screen prints, words, sounds, images, events, and one most important thing : a vision:

We’d like people to purchase and use Sixpack France goods as a way to make them their very own things, and to convert them as images or sensations or short pieces of writing, as secret passages to some forgotten realms. Their stories and memories should be living inside the SixPack France fabrics. Our clothes should activate something intimate and hard to express in any other way. They shoud allow fetishizing one small detail, stripe, pocket, button or seam as a minuscule door to a fresh, fluid mindworld. Building up a personal utopia, walking up a synaesthaesic path to an early lost erotic moment. Touching a cloth is also seeing, hearing, smelling. Reaching forbidden waters. Let’s go swimming.

Sixpack France believes in the dream of never-ending youth, but not as an escapist refuge, more like a way to look back, and live back all the early things of life and civilization – early as in early Christians or early house. It’s not about carefully and nostalgically recreating some idealized past. It’s about acting as melancholia-drenched archeologists who would steep on unfinished grounds. The Sixpack France spirit is a room with moving doors, doors open to psychedelic vertigo, erotic dread and deep inner and outer exploration. We don’t despise the short-lived, and we enjoy mystic naivety very much. We now ought to do what we thought we shouldn’t do while teens : being uncool, ignoring codes, accepting and listening to what’s really exciting us deep inside, enjoying everything in which we feel a sincere instinct. Being able to own the means of our desires, and imagining a new form of counter-culture.


call now for wonder and amazement.

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