Saturday, December 3, 2011


Finally got to check out mr. Charlie Schuck's (you may recall charlie from previous posts) new Belltown digs today while roaming around early morning style. Must say, totally in love with the space. Charlie knows how to pick em ("em" being spaces, objects, collaborators...he seems to pick most things well).
These (above photos) are just a few pieces out of ton that will make your eyes wide. Its like a toy shop for adults with refined taste and deep pockets (those 2 generally go hand in hand, except in my case which is to say that i only have the taste part). There are however, a handful of one-of-kinds and simply breath taking art/design objects that are in the working girls price range.

If your cruising belltown this place is a must. If your cruising the interweb than this place is a must; hereisobject

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