Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Celine Effect

celine has been setting the bar for sometime now. The foulard / paisley comeback + pajama dressing stems from a few memorable celine pieces that we all know and love.

weather its the full monte floral suity get up or just the black grounded floral moto jacket, these are some serious editorial favorites. I generally get extremely irritated when bogged down with spread after spread of the same stuff (we all remember the pages and pages of LV s&m kink of doily peter pan colors over molded sweater and leather waist-sinching belts, the oddles and oodles of givenchy pit bull and cougar printed jackets and know; angry pastey model stands in junk yard amidst tv's she has just torched, flames to go with her unnaturally orange dye job. you know the one).

BUT, I think when magazines decide to dismiss the idea of attempting originality and stick to shooting the big items of the season its a really good chance to weed out the bad stylists from the good. In this post i've selected a bit of both just so we can get a feel for the contrast.

can you guess which ones i hate?

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