Tuesday, May 7, 2013

the augmentation station

First and Foremost, I'm tired of this blog format and I'm going to change it this weekend, but for now you may or may not have to deal with this composite image being cropped weird. so just click on it and view at original size.

Having a powerful itch for some hyperactive reality augmentation. this could be due to the fact that the sun is shinning is seattle (no way! yes way. ok..it was yesterday) or maybe just because I'm a grown up now and ring pops of for the most part unacceptable. Put these fragments of a treasures laying around my head and desktop  forcibly collided this morning and together as a synthesized desire have caused me to experience a phenomena i like to call "ants-in-my-pants" accompanied by rapid heart rate and inability to focus.

lets talk about them:

1. opps, this one this is one of those unrecoverable source images, but it reminds me of Tron and Drive, and the neons signs I used to fawn over as an adolescent
2. Nanoscopic photo sculpture inspired by macro, micro textile effects. um yes.
3. Chemistry, Julia Burdge 2nd Edition, this is why science is the best
4. Also not positive of where this image hails but I've seen many a firey-melty windowscape of glory in  downtown Seattle
5. Frankie Rose - "Know Me" video Loving the Cure-ish throw-back sound of this little lady, obviously the blade runner, minority report vibe of the video is feeling timely
6. Another one of those mind blowing tiny plastic fantastic micro mountains from above
7. Reactable! found this a while ago but is still the coolest thing I've seen since. my favorite reactable quote "We knew what wanted, and then we discovered how to build it". those Germans!
8. finally my most recent find. I love finding treasures within my 6 degrees of separation. this one is actually with in 2. check out Frank Correa fantasticly trippy photos, a few featuring a special little lady names Claire. You can vote for this guy to win some bones for is photography here 

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