Saturday, June 6, 2009


water week has continued, yesterdays activity ; surf THE POINT in santa cruz with friend and photographer Shae Rocco, the long way, coastal route: THE 1.

we arrived around 11:00 to find sun shinning, a clean point break, long sets, chest to head high waves, and a bunch really excited old local dudes.
we left around 5:00 with a newly acquired rosy tinge on the face, dark freckles, burritos in the belly, sand in our shorts and bruises on our hips.

when i got back to the city things conspired as such:
big stretch, read about water purification in the nike "BLUE PLANET RUN" book, remembered watching the billabong odyssey as youngster in the 6th grade, tried to rent it on itunes, failed to upload successfully (thanks steve jobs!), tried to rent "THE DEEP SEA", once again no dice, finally decided on "THE WILD PARROTS OF TELEGRAPH HILL", whatdoyaknow success.

would you believe the only time the subject of water came up in the entire film was the closeing note, and the perfect closing to my day at the point (curious about the corrilation? watch and see)

----A river travels as one body. Until it hits a POINT, a cliff. after the river drops off the cliff the body separates into individual droplets independent from the others, traveling on its own course at its own speed.

At the bottom of the fall the drops of water end up, once again, as a single united stream. a perpetual movement of grace and charge. ----------- (PS that was paraphrased)

it just so happens that my best friend lana and i figured out how to harmonize acopella to an old hymn about, you guessed it, a river!
to listen to this track click here

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  1. Speaking of water bottles. Man makes ingenious lights out of nothing but water and water bottles.