Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Just as I had suspected, water week was just what the world needed (at least i can speak for mine). Water Week was declared on Sunday, so we hit the road on Monday. Hitting all appropriate spots for what i like to call "the-whole-nine-yards-beach-trip : North", my two best friends and i set out with no expectations, but we found a few things we had lost (like our minds).
Our spots included Muir Beach, Stinson, Bolinas, and Pt.Rayes, god love nothern california.

I remember seeing a collection of mind-blowing commercial-surf-style shots about 6 months ago, with those images burned into my frontal lobe the entire trip I was itching to get home and do some further investigation.

here are my findings:

Dustin Humphrey, dont know alot about him except that hes a goddamn genius, and thats all i need to know. So it turns out that the exact spread of photos i was thinking about has won some fancy-pants, SONY, best-photographer-in-the-world award, well not quite but apparently the prestige of this award means basically the same thing for whoever has recieved it.
Sony is one thing, but i can honestly say that these photos are 100% worthy. They are haunting, in the best way possible. After looking at them again, my state of awe came rushing back ten-fold. The concept for the shoot is my idea of a dream-come-true, only its so innovative that i havent had a chance to dream it yet, he did! not to mention the production involved with this shoot,....good lord i can only imagine the time and energy invested by tons of creative minds, and then theres the price tag...yowza. but once again all that cashola spent on production costs was well worth the feeling i get everytime i look at these glorious creations.

And now, water week continues, next location OB.
stay tuned folks.
today's program brought to you by the resident genius at Reel Sessions, Dustin Humphrey
(check under the collective tab, and then find dustin humphrey's, commercial work, sony world photography awards...was a little tricky to find).

woooo! pumped!

ohh, almost forgot; of course...props to whoever art directed this jewel of a shoot.

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