Monday, July 20, 2009

commitment issues

"When there is a paucity of requests for creative work, you have two choices. You can leave it behind until things get better, and focus on other kinds of work. That's easier but after a while it creates a hole in your life. The other choice is to initiate your own creative work and to build a structure of support and a routine of creative habits. That's much harder, but its essential if you want to sustain the motivation to keep working and growing.

Lean times for creativity in the business world could mean fat times for personal creativity. The freedom to do personal work is an opportunity to develop a personal vision. That in turn will feed your public work.

A creative practice is an independent set of habits and procedures. The projects are self-motivated, self judged, self generated, and self rewarded. It's a commitment to a routine that leads to revelations. It provides nourishment for you personally and for your professional work. It's a way to find the authenticity in your work." -communication arts, august 2003

whatever commitment issues i had,... im over them.

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