Thursday, July 9, 2009

Far 4

"the new American home for Klimenkoff, a Moscow-based porcelain studio founded in 2003."

FAR 4 - what an impeccably designed space. all objects in this shop are rich with content and craftsmanship as well as an enviable balance of ordamentalism and modernity. I can honestly say that ive never encountered a space with the conceptual stimuli of an art gallery but also the approachability and charm of a small boutique.

The store carries everything from dinnerware, to wall decor to hand painted tools of war (interested? thought so). for the floral fanatic there are delicately sculpted daisies, for the comic there are cheeky figurines of the classic drinking scenes we all know and love, and for those after my own heart there are classically painted ceramic uzies and old school skateboard decks!

check out the treasures at FAR 4 and also the brilliance that is artist Charles Krafft.

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