Saturday, April 10, 2010

I could cry.

Shadowplay Jewelry. I love a great accessory as much as the next visual minded individual but never have i been so moved by a piece that i nearly shed a tear. I cant get enough of these images and these beautifully crafted pieces. When i say "right up my alley" i mean these bad boys knocked down every single pin.

read more about why i love shadowplay jewelry:

Taking inspiration from oceanic aragonite
structures, planetary space, crystal formations,
spiderwebs, and the concept of making the
abstractly invisible visible, Shadowplay embodies
the spirit of all things mystical.

With the desire to create beautiful,
one of a kind, hand-crafted pieces with
consciousness to materials and their
origin in mind, Heather set out to find
the best suited materials for her necklaces.
This led to sourcing organic + naturally dyed
yarns + Crystallized Swarovski Elements
+ Certified Fair Trade black silver closures.

Each necklace remains true to its shape,
but with a lightness that is found in
modern clothing, these amorphous
pieces take their own form and gesture
through their lifespan.

A native of Miami, Heather Goldberg
ventured across the country to study
fashion design and art history in
Los Angeles,California, receiving her
BFA from Otis School of Art and Design
in 2009. Between time in school, she
interned with the fashion design collective
Threeasfour in New York and with the Los
Angeles based label Band of Outsiders.
Heather lives and works from her studio
in Los Angeles.

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