Thursday, April 22, 2010


Doing the Bi-monthly hard drive clean up and I came across a bit I wrote during a corporate rebrand stint. Its been nearly 2 years since that job and i am happy to say that i havent caved yet. please read, giggle, and enjoy it all the more knowing that its Thursday which in my definition is also Saturday, Tuesday, or any other glorious day, and i sit here unbound, no boss over my shoulder, no time card, no remorse.

Nov -28th 2008

"There are some days when i feel like if my head would explode it would feel so good, such a relief. Like how it feels after the dentist pulls that rotten tooth from your aching gums. I just cant look at anything, cant take in anymore visual stimulus. My cup is full. I cant focus, My eyes have reached there maximum ability to perform. Everytime i open a new window it makes my stomach turn like walking into a manila colored doctor's office, all eerie and sterile. All of the interfaces feel the same. blocky, contained, arial, vanilla. I start to loose track of reality. When nothing is appealing inside this 3 demential box i start to feel like nothing in life is appealing. from 9 to 5 this is life. This generation of pixels fabricates a reality that consumes you and your cube. Ironic how that cigarette break saves you, how somewhere between the 7th and the 3rd floor you start to come down, but in the end you may wind up with a hole in your throat, and wheres the relief in that?
There's nothing like the swift change of focus from the screen to the actual space you exist in, or on the rare occasion you get up with out looking first, and your complete lack of depth perception causes you to run into stationary objects. like say, a filling cabinet. That big red first aid kit thats shaped like a swiss cross next to the hot water is false advertisement. It can't save me. Every once in a while i meander over to it and poke around inside, like when you get up in the middle of the night and wander to the fridge that you know is empty, hoping that some how it magically filled itself up while you were sleeping. Its a nice computer in a nice office in a nice part of town with a nice salary. but sometimes....i just wish my head would explode.
When i was younger i always told myself that when I grew up i would never sit behind a desk all day. I have blatantly contradicted the ambitions of my young spirit. I'm in a bad sitcom...minus all the comical elements.
I have completely lost my ability to spell words. to form complete sentences. To control my facial muscles in a normal and polite manner. Even my spell check requires 3 trys to figure out what I'm trying to say. Its like i let some water seep into my openings and its caused a short circuit and hit me where it counts...the motherboard. All affiliated operations have gone haywire. and guess what. I forgot to turn on the backup drive.

ctrl + alt + delete

(no im not wokring on a PC)"

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