Friday, October 29, 2010


on the rare occasion that my earth-toned, minimal, less-is-more self becomes one with the world of gaudy I like to roll with it. There may be a number of things influencing this sudden fancy for all things loud and proud. the least mysterious of them may be that halloween is 2 days away and its crunch time for costume construction. On a similar note i seem to be sending out lego-like signals into the universe having spent so much time on my little brother's lego pharos get up (check out band of outsiders lego inspired blog PLAYWELL). Could be that I've taken such a liking to a certain fierce, attention getting, just-launched Aztec Parcel that I've been up close and personal with over the past week (will include a special explanation post in the near future).
Mostly I think all of this eclecticly colourful jazz was topped off by West and Beecroft's brainchild - Runaway. not so subtle symbolism and ego aside, its really terribly hard to deny the mesmerizing, awe inspiring wow factor that comes after watching the 35 minuet feature piece. The hyper-realistic visual style of the film plus its randomly dreamy almost "what the F" imagery and dialog makes for a damn good conversation starter. Musically brilliant, and worlds above what most mainstream celebrity "artists" are daring to do these days. I still have my qualms with a few particular scenes, but with that said i'll go to sleep tonight asking the elephant in my head to please not forget those breathtaking moments when Kanye's ballerina's danced their skinny little hearts out to the "Douchebag" song. epic.
ballerina shoes, blood, rose petal pink, venetian, feathers, tulle (um hello halloween costume)

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