Friday, July 20, 2012


If your ever board and feel the world has no mystery left, ponder for a moment female sexuality. Its the moment of invisible transformation when things move from objectivity into genuine affection and affectedness and with such ease that sexual experience bounces between the two that keeps my brain hungry. The unmistakable pull of this inexplicable occupation of human existance. It can be sophisticated, it can be unbearable primeval and basic. It is a wonder indeed. It can be the source of turmoil, unrest, pain and also intense pleasure and joy

1. unknown print
2. Marina Abramovic still form Rythm 0
3. small vases from Otchipotchi
4. another unknown image
5. photo series by Irena Werning - Back to the Future


  1. beautiful images... unknown #4 is from renee's blog!