Wednesday, November 14, 2012


With so much in my fuzzy fumbling head its a wonder that i can retain knowledge further than what i ate for breakfast, but, every once in a while I make a connection or two and some unified idea musters enough appeal to stake claim on some seriously sought after mental real estate. The idea of the moment favors geometry & biology with a mid-tone of history and societal stigmas and finishing notes touching on the uneasiness akin to being aware of mortal materialism.

Ok that sounds broad but I'm sure blanks will be filled in after watching this video. ITS IMPERATIVE : Divine Proportions

and Reading this Book : Survival of the Prettiest

Or if your lazy and / or have a short attention span and / or are unbelievably busy and popular than you can read this article about the book mentioned above. said NYTimes article seems surprisingly relevant even having been written in 1999 : The Beautiful People

Perhaps this concern for the Hungergame-esque elitism centered around human beauty and the accessibility of manipulating it is why this subject has surfaced again in my brain. Maybe it never left. Maybe its the realization that as a race / society we have not evolved. Binding heads, Stretching necks, piercing and dyeing are age old methods to appear a way which is considered more attractive to a potential mate, to your self, heck, to your mother. Maybe I'm getting older and i'm tactically acquiring information in the hopes of combating emotions.
Who knows. Similarly it may be in response to a pre-quarter-life crisis in which I color my hair an unnaturally vibrant shade of crimson. oh yeah. it happened.
but geez, shapes sure are pretty.

From the Top
1. Peter Carrington 
2. Reinhard Voss
3. Tour de la Battiaz
4. Divine Proportions
5. Unfortunately this is one of those ubiquitous images thats has been tumblr used and abused so badly that its origin is unknown. 

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