Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thoughts On Creativity:

It seems as though my thoughtfully composed theories on the purpose of the niche i fill as a creative individual has been under siege as of late. Not necessarily a bad thing, just yet again I've been knocked off the horse. Its good though, humbling, its nice to hit the ground every once in a while. almost like a fresh start.

Anyway, the up side to being jolted at various points in your life is that the later and later it happens the longer and longer you have to cross paths with more and more brilliant people, who, even thought they may not intend to, help form new ideas about the roles we play in life.

for example, here are some very nicely put words from a fellow maker:
"...The point is, creative is a funny thing. Everything is related to everything. The creativity I make is based on my collective consciousness, the book I read in school, my relationship with my mom, the shitty VH1 show I watched yesterday, how many cups of coffee I had this morning, and whether or not I did a good job at convincing my client of one idea over the other. There are no new ideas."
-Thanks Sean Barrett

see his creativity put to work :

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