Saturday, May 30, 2009


I hereby declare this week on I.Feel.Fine. water week.

it all started with a publication you might know of; the surfer's journal.
the latest issue happens to contain one of the most inspiring feature stories i've read in a lonnnngggg time. The story takes place at our very own Ocean Beach, its about the infamous beach queen and her utterly unstoppable love of all things land and water. The story is told by one of our own as well, Jaimal Yogis, and documented in perfection by Tommy Bensko.

This article must be read. not very often do you get a good chuckle and also get your heart strings yanked on in one foul swoop. This is an especially good one for those of us who walk these shores everyday.

I can personally recall specific moments when the ocean and I were nothing more than the same body. that feeling is the one thing that has kept me tied to the earth. If ever there was a reason for filling up my pours with drugs, smoke, or any other form of gluttony, its because i was missing the one thing that is me: the salt. the water.

hence an entire week of creative energy devoted to the only thing i worship religiously: le ocean

check out Jaimal's work at
check out Tommy's photos and the article here

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  1. So I'm sitting at the laundromat searching for the photos from this article and I stumble here. Great article, huh? She seems like such an incredible person. Even by just reading the article a person cannot help but be inspired by her story.

    I'll be leaving the wetsuit at home tomorrow...